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Tailored Skills Training

Realise the full potential of your purchasing and supply teams with CIPS Tailored Skills Training - one-off courses designed to fill gaps in procurement skills and knowledge.

Download the product sheetIf you have more than eight team members, we can tailor the content, delivery, timing and location of our procurement training to address the specific issues they are facing or to meet particular learning outcomes. The training can take several forms, including short courses, long-term structured programmes, group sessions and individual director-level coaching, all delivered by senior procurement practitioners and all designed to provide a tangible return on investment. If you have less than eight people who require training we have an extensive calender of courses which we run regularly.


We begin by discussing and agreeing your objectives, and then formulate a Tailored Skills Training programme that addresses the specific issues faced by your procurement team and designed to meet your particular learning outcomes. We continue to review your objectives throughout the training to make sure the programme is delivering against expectation.

You can choose from an extensive range of CIPS course content that spans all aspects of procurement and supply and all development stages, from new-starter to director-level. The scale of training can also be adjusted, ranging from short courses to longer-term structured programmes and even individual coaching. The training is then timed to fit around your schedule and delivered in a location that is convenient to you.

To accommodate individual needs and learning styles, our qualified and experienced trainers employ a range of learning methods, including:

  • Diagnostic review and skills analysis
  • Interactive tutoring
  • Working on existing organisation projects
  • Group discussion and seminars
  • Role-playing and team activities


Impact: Tailored Skills Training drives value back into your organisation with effectively trained staff

Improvement: Staff are upskilled through high quality training

Relevance: Specific issues and learning objectives, as identified at the outset, are addressed

Effective: Staff development is maximised with training designed to accommodate different learning styles

Timesaving: We design and time courses to maximise their efficiency and to fit in with your team members’ work patterns

Cooperation: We build team working and interaction through collaborative learning


After every course we survey delegates.  Here are a few of the comments we've received recently: 

"Very knowledgeable, professional and experienced trainer who was also fun and personable (which helps!).  Good practical examples used to back-up theory. Excellent handouts. Training was relevant to my job & pitched at the right level."


"Very happy with the pace and the material covered. Took on a lot of material but this was presented to the group effectively by the tutor." 


"Really great course provided by a fantastic tutor."


Find out more about how CIPS has provided training to companies such as Dong EnergyTotal and Ford Otosan.

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