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Risk and Resilience in the Supply Chain Master Award

Managing risk, increasing resilisence, handling conflict

Risk and Resilience brochureRisk and Resilience in the Supply Chain is an executive leadership training programme designed to equip you with key strategic skills, models and tools to manage risk across the procurement lifecycle.

The four-day programme is split into two separate two-day sessions, with residential accommodation on the middle night.  With no more than 16 people on each programme there are invaluable opportunities to network and share best practice with other practitioners.


28 CPD hours

From a multi-level perspective of risk, the programme incorporates cutting-edge research and practice in risk management for individual managers and organisations.


Objective: Build sustainable skills in risk programme design and management, big data and analytics, conflict and crises management and using influence and persuasion to create resilience and buy-in.


Output: Integrated and tailored supply chain risk management framework that can be developed and embedded into your organisations.

The programme provides a combination of postgraduate-level learning and practice covering:

  • The development of a supply risk programme
  • Identifying, analysing and managing risks through the supply network
  • The use of quantitative models in supply chain risk and finance
  • Negotiating to manage risks conflicts and crises.
  • Investment in reducing risk and how to propose the argument

 Common dilemmas include:

  • Identifying hidden risks within your organisation and across the network
  • Understand how the human element can increase or reduce risk
  • Creating supply market intelligence and not losing it
  • Negligence bills and how to avoid them
  • Dealing with reputational risks
  • Segmenting risk within categories to know how do you do it and map it
  • Opportunities arising from risk.

Continuing Professional Development

This programme attract CIPS CPD hours 



The Master Awards training series is designed exclusively for:

  • Chief procurement officers
  • Senior procurement leaders
  • Procurement directors
  • Senior programme managers
  • Senior project leaders.


With no more than 16 people on each programme, the training is lead by leading industrial and academic experts within an interactive, high-level learning environment and includes business simulations, learning lab approaches and case study presentations.


To apply for this programme you should be in an executive procurement practitioner role responsible for managing complex supply risk.


  • Develop an intelligent, integrated supply chain risk framework
  • Negotiate with the board and beyond to reduce risk and increase resilience
  • Detect and identify critical points of failure through the supply network
  • Gain a single consistent view of risk across your organisation
  • Understand conflict, contingency and continuity and how to handle major risk events
  • Using and applying quantitative modelling in risk management.

Speaker interview

We spoke to Jenny Radcliffe, Consultant, Trainer and People Hacker, to find out more about what makes a strong leader.

Jenny will be delivering the fourth day of our Risk and Resilience Master Award during which, using scenarios, psychological tools and templates for dealing with people, she explores the way we relate to people and how we manage that relationship in a crisis.

Jenny has a unique and unforgettable training style - she has been called a mind reader and human lie detector, and likened to a Jedi Knight! Her aim is to help leaders develop their interrogation skills and ability to lead in a time of crisis. This enables you, rather than 'the loudest voice in the room', to take over a situation and to manage the different emotions and personalities which could get in the way of bringing the crisis to sustainable and workable conclusion.

Jenny says, "It's not just technical skills and knowledge that make a great leader; there is a growing emphasis on soft skills as the key to career success.

"The term 'soft skills' is misleading - there's nothing 'soft' about being able to influence and persuade people.

"You're a leader when people choose to follow you, whether you want to be a leader or not. The minute people stop following you, you stop being a leader, no matter what your title. For other people to give you the honour of seeing you as a leader, you need to care about what they think; to understand what motivates them and see things from their perspective. Then you'll put things in their terms and they'll want to follow you, even in moments of crisis. It's about suspension of the self.

"People are like locks. When you're able to see everything from their perspective, suspend your interest and put yourself in their place, then you have the key."


Risk and Resilience in the Supply Chain programme takes place over four days of intensive training split into two days, two weeks apart.

The four day programme costs £3,495.00

This includes overnight residential accommodation, giving invaluable opportunities to network and share best practice with other senior practitioners.

To find out more about specific dates and venues, and to book your place on the Risk and Resilience in the Supply Chain programme, contact masterawards@cips.org.