Here is where you’ll find our award winningLearning Awards Gold winners e-learning portfolio; over 250 hours of professional  training to support your studies towards CIPS qualifications, all developed by the world’s leading body for the profession.

About the programme

There are 27 e-learning qualification units that link with our accredited and globally recognised qualifications in procurement and supply:

  • Certificate in procurement and supply operations
  • Advanced Certificate in procurement and supply operations
  • Diploma in procurement and supply
  • Advanced diploma in procurement and supply
  • Professional diploma in procurement and supply


All of the courses, from eight to 40 hours, take the form of tutorials which support the exam syllabus and course books, combining comprehensive learning materials with interactive questions, case studies, scenarios and quizzes to check your understanding and application of syllabus theory. Remember, in an exam you'll be asked one question on each of the learning outcomes which you will find in the unit content guide for the qualification you are studying.   As well as the learning outcomes you also need to demonstrate the depth and breadth of your understanding, so wider reading beyond CIPS course books and e-learning is essential. Dip into journals and newspaper articles, magazines such as Supply Management, online resources such as CIPS Knowledge and the In the News section of our website.  You’ll also pick up some news and views on our social media channels on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

From here you have a convenient, single point of access to global e-learning with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that’s compatible with all mobile devices.

Please note: students using the e-learning to prepare for CIPS assessments will still have to take examinations at a CIPS approved exam centre.


Please read carefully:

  • CIPS are updating Certificate, and Advanced Certificate Qualifications in 2018.
  • The remaining assessment (examination) opportunities for the current Certificate, and Advanced Certificate modules, are in November 2018.
  • The remaining assessment (examination) opportunities for the current 2013  Diploma, Advanced and Professional Diplomas in Procurement and Supply syllabus is May 2019, there will be no further opportunities therefore only buy this as a learning resource if you will have time to enter the assessment in time for May 2019.  We are currently updating  all of our qualifications.  We will provide regular updates by email and through CIPS social media channels, you can also check the qualifications review website for updates.
  • Please only buy an elearning course if you are confident you will be able to complete your studies in this time, as CIPS will not refund you for unused elearning.
  • Please note that current elearning will not be suitable for studying the updated qualifications. New resources for studying the updated qualifications will be available in plenty of time for you to start your studies.

We will give you more details about the Qualifications Review in forthcoming communications scheduled throughout 2018 into 2019.

Please keep your email up to date in your MyCIPS account, we also use CIPS social media groups on facebook and linked-in for updates. 

E-learning per whole qualification (5 units)


What you get

£540 +VAT

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Up to 40 hours of interactive e-learning (five units)

Up to 40 online tutorials and 20 case studies

Knowledge bytes (practitioner papers)

Online tests to prepare you for examinations

Access to the e-learning modules for 2 years.

E-learning per unit


What you get

£120 +VAT

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Up to 8 hours of interactive e-learning

Up to 8 online tutorials and 4 case studies

Knowledge bytes (practitioner papers)

Online tests to prepare you for examinations

Access to e-learning modules for 1 year.


Ethical Procurement and Supply


What you get

Members - Free of charge until October 2018,  simply log in to My CIPS and access from the Ethical E-learning tab.

Non Members - Simply complete a short online registration process, where we'll capture some basic information and take payment before sending you a link to the E-learning.

£38.00 + VAT or
$70 AUS + tax
$75 NZ + tax

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E-learning package in the form of interactive tutorials, comprehensive learning material and case studies with questions to check understanding.

Issues covered include: how to recognise and eradicate corruption, fraud, bribery and exploitation; the implications of and how to eradicate human rights and forced labour in supply chains (content provided by the Walk Free Foundation, www.walkfreefoundation.org), individual moral and social conscience in procurement.

View samples of the e-learning modules we offer


Fees include:

e-learning units or whole qualification (five units).

Fees exclude:

CIPS membership fees, CIPS examination fees, CIPS course books and essential reading textbooks.


From one single point you can get access to global e-learning with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that’s compatible with all mobile devices.

All you need is an internet connection to take control of how, where and what you learn, including:


Searchable catalogue: easy access to the right course to support your studies.

Route map tool: A unique support system that offers everything from step-by-step guidance on how to use all the available study aids and a self-testing system for reassurance that you’re on the right track, to which parts of the course books and knowledge bytes link with every stage of your chosen e-learning.

Bespoke home page: one-click access to the learning materials.

Tailored training plan: Your own plan made up of the courses programmes and activities that you have added yourself.

CIPS CPD tool: Any learning carried out online will be automatically added and learners can manually log any additional learning to create a complete CPD record. (members only)


E-learning is very effective and allows you easy access to get new skills in an interactive format. Everything has been designed to make learning easy giving you the space to learn at your own pace:


Economical: Cost-effective study support compared to traditional methods.

Flexibility: Supports learning at an individual’s own pace and at a time to suit working patterns.

Accessibility: Courses can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection and is compatible on all mobile devices.

Practical: E-learning is intuitive and engaging with built in assessment checks to monitor comprehension.

Trackable:  Your personal learning journey is unique to you and any completed learning is automatically updated on your CIPS CPD record.  Completion of a module (2 hrs CPD) and one e-learning unit generally comprises 4 modules.

More information

Q:  What's the difference between e-learning courses and other methods of study?

A: Traditional courses involve sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher, and perhaps taking notes. With CIPS e-learning there are no classrooms, you study in your own time at your own pace, anywhere, anytime as long as you have internet connection.  There are no strict timetables or deadlines as you might have in other courses. You will be required to motivate yourself.


Q:  What is the difference between distance and e-learning?

A: In the digital age distance learning and e-learning courses are quickly becoming the same thing.  Distance learning would usually mean that you would be sent your work by a tutor then you would send it back for marking.  CIPS e-learning has a unique Routemap system that guides you through the e-learning modules to keep you on the right track.  At the end of each module there is an assessment check to monitor your comprehension.


Q Will I get any support?

A: CIPS e-learning doesn't include tutor support however you will have access to a Programme Manager who can provide you with information about the e-learning programmes.  For technical queries you will have access to the Learning & Development Team who are able help from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. They will aim to answer all queries as quickly as possible and can guarantee to respond within 72 hours.


Q: How many exams can I apply for per period?

A: CIPS recommends that candidates should aim to take no more than 3 exams per series – this is based on the current average number of exams taken per candidate. However the examination timetable will permit up to 10 units per examination series. Exam sittings take place in the UK in January, March, May, July and November and Internationally in May, July and November each year.


Q: Does the e-learning include membership to CIPS?

A: No, most new members join as either a student or an affiliate member. If you are unsure about which grade of membership is right for you contact helpdesk@cips.org. You will need to become a CIPS member to enter for CIPS exams.


Q: How do I know which qualification is right for me?

A: Our qualifications pages on our website should give you all of the answers you need, if for any reason you are still unsure contact helpdesk@cips.org for more information.


Q. Does the e-learning include the cost for CIPS exams?

A: No, you are responsible for registering for your exams. Exam enrolment forms containing all information regarding registration including a list of examination centres are available on the website.


Q: Can I pre-test my knowledge before exams?

A: Yes, past papers are available for all exam style questions.  Also at  the end of each e-learning module you will be tested on your knowledge.


Q: Is there a discount if I buy a whole qualification (five units)  rather than individual units?

A: Yes, there is a 10% discount if you purchase all five units at once.


Q. Does the e-learning cover the full syllabus?

A: No, our e-learning is designed to supplement your learning and offer additional practice and support.  You will need to use other resources in conjunction with the e-learning modules such as CIPS Coursebooks and recommended reading,  journals and newspaper articles, magazines such as Supply Management, online resources such as CIPS Knowledge and the In the News section of our website.  You’ll also pick up some news and views on our social media channels on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to ensure you are fully prepared for your examinations.


Q.  Can I buy e-learning online?

A: Yes, when you buy e-learning online it will automatically download into your My Learning account in CIPS e-learning and you can start whenever you are ready.


Q. What if I can't buy online?

A: Download an e-learning booking form and send it to our Customer Services Team,  helpdesk@cips.org +44(0)1780 756777. Before booking please read our Terms and Conditions carefully.


Q: I'm already a CIPS member, can I go straight into CIPS e-learning and buy e-learning?

A: Yes, If you are already a member you can access e-learning one of two ways either visit CIPS e-learning portal and login using your CIPS Membership number and password or in your My CIPS account.