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The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) joins International Ethics Standards Coalition

Thursday, January 04, 2018

CIPS has joined a new international coalition that has developed the first set of globally-recognised ethics standards for real-estate, the built environment and related professional organisations.

The International Ethics Standards (IES) Coalition currently consists of over 120 member organisations with professionals working in a diverse range of countries.

Coalition Members, many of which already have their own codes of conduct focusing on qualities like trustworthiness, integrity and respect, will work together to align ethics principles through a new international standard.

CIPS has its own code of conduct for members which encompasses ethics, sustainability and best practice and offers a free ethics test to members and anyone interested in good procurement practice.

Andrew Coulcher, Group Director CIPS said, ”Though we run our own code and test, being part of this coalition gives us the opportunity to speak with a bigger, stronger voice on how important ethics are in everyday business.

“We all have a duty to be the best we can be and I’m delighted that so many other organisations agree.”

The IES Coalition was first proposed during a meeting of a number of the founding organisations at the United Nations (New York) in October 2014.

The final International Ethics Standard was published in December 2016. More information and the standard can be seen at www.ies-coalition.org/ 


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International Ethics Standards Coalition

Peter Bolton King, Global Director of Professionalism and Ethics and Chair of International Ethics Standards Coalition; +44 (0)20 7695 1725; +44 (0)7816 645795

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International Ethics Standards Coalition

Creating a universal set of ethics principles for real estate and related professions.

This is the aim of a global Coalition of real estate and related professional organizations which has come together to assert the role of ethics in real estate to meet the needs of today’s global market.