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At CIPS, we put our procurement expertise to work for organisations in the services sector to not only ensure, but also independently demonstrate, that procurement operations are robust and cost effective. We also help companies to benefit from an increased focus on resilient and sustainable procurement.

Financial services

Since the economic crisis, many financial institutions are increasingly looking to procurement as a strategic way to advance organisation performance, creating cost efficiencies by buiilding capabillity and improving procurement resilience through effective supply assurance and compliance.

Recognition is also an issue for many purchasing teams in a sector that has not historically placed much importance in the function. By demonstrating effective supplier and spend management, financial buyers can achieve more influence and build trust in their role.

Your organisation can join the growing list of financial institutions working with CIPS to upskill their teams and increase professional reputation, including American Express, Barclays, RBS, City Group, BVC, ECB, Accenture, World Bank, FirstRand Bank, Absa Bank, the Prudential and Zurich.

Transport and logistics

In an industry faced with ever-rising fuel prices, organisations in the transport and logistics sector must focus on creating efficiencies that will help them compete and remain profitable. Procurement people are at the heart of this, making investing in skills development vital.

Organising operations more effectively is also key to improved performance. Where this means capital expenditure to build hubs and centres, procurement teams need the capability to spend wisely. Where it means outsourcing, it’s about good supplier management and understanding how well suppliers are performing.

CIPS is working closely with Geodis, Go Ahead, First Group, NATS, TFL, DHL and Royal Mail, and can help your procurement team to build the skills to achieve your strategic objectives.