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Highly effective, flexible and cost-effective access to world-class learning and development.

Support your procurement capability building with a flexible, practical way to develop specialist procurement and supply knowledge.

The complete suite of CIPS interactive e-learning courses comprises over 250 hours of training. Choose from one-off short courses or support your studies for CIPS qualifications.

Our online learning system allows your people to learn around their work schedules and supports general upskilling in procurement and supply. It also offers detailed and comprehensive management reporting, and is an excellent way to track and record individual continuing professional development.



Scheduling time for learning and development isn’t always easy, especially when your teams are geographically dispersed and time-challenged.

CIPS E-learning is based on an award-winning online system that provides an effective solution to these operational challenges in a single collective environment. The result? A highly flexible, cost-effective route to people development.


Every learner is given access to our CIPS Learning Academy E-learning system with a personalised home page and a searchable catalogue that provides intuitive access to courses. Each CIPS E-learning course contains interactive tutorials which blend comprehensive learning material with specific scenarios, case studies, questions and quizzes. These assessment methods are proven to be highly effective in building and checking for comprehension.  They are also proven to be effective in developing the ability for students to practically apply their learning.

For each learner an individual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) account also helps them to track their learning progress.


  • Flexible: Learning at individual’s own pace and at a time to suit working patterns
  • Accessible: Courses can be accessed anywhere; at work, home or while travelling
  • Cost-effective: High value learning and knowledge development compared to traditional methods
  • Engaging: Interactive features bring learning alive
  • Consistent: All learners access the same information creating procurement  and supply consistency
  • Practical: E-learning is intuitive, user-friendly and interactive with built in assessment checks to monitor comprehension
  • Trackable: Detailed management information and progress reporting 
  • Improves performance: Improvement in personal performance providing enhanced career development opportunities

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