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Upgrading the course books

Keeping the course books up-to-date


Profex Limited, CIPS publishing partner, write course books that have helped literally thousands of people study towards CIPS qualifications over the past fifteen years.


Together, Profex and CIPS aim to offer world-class products to our studying members, and an essential part of this is to fine tune the content of the books on an ongoing basis.


Where we’ve spotted something that needs correcting or clarifying, or when some legislation has been updated or an organisation has changed its name, we’ll add it to this page for our students.  


And if any of our students spot something they feel is incorrect, or hasn’t been explained properly, we would encourage them to share their observations with us by emailing: feedback@cips.org


We also plan to add additional content that our members might find useful so please re-visit this page often. 


Additional free resource can also be found at cips.org/knowledge 


INSTRUCTIONS:  Click on the examination series you are studying below.  If there is any new content for the course book you are studying, a link will be displayed which you can follow to download a .pdf document.  You will need Adobe Reader to open this file, but this is a free download from www.adobe.com.

Certificate in procurement and supply operations full set (NC)

Procurement and Supply Principles (NC1)       

Procurement and Supply Functions (NC2)

Procurement and Supply Processes (NC3)

Procurement and Supply Administration (NC4)

Procurement and Supply Stakeholders (NC5)

Advanced certificate in procurement and supply operations full set (AC)

Procurement and Supply Environments (AC1)

Procurement and Supply Operations (AC2)

Procurement and Supply Workflow (AC3)

Inventory and Logistics Operations (AC4)

Procurement and Supply Relationships (AC5)

Diploma in procurement and supply full set (D)

Advanced Diploma in procurement and supply (AD)

Professional Diploma in procurement and supply (PD)

Core: Leadership in Procurement and Supply (PD1)

Core: Corporate and business strategy (PD2)

Core: Strategic Supply chain Management (PD3)

Option: Supply Chain Diligence (PD4)

Option: Programme and Project management (PD5)

Option: Legal aspects in procurement and supply (UK) (PD6)